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   why the art cottage?

  1. nys certified instruction

  2. creative and progressive curriculum full range of classes 

  3. open studio and adult workshops 

  4. Art parties, camps and after school

The Art Cottage is a suitable companion to supplement students of all ages through art in the HudsonValley.


At TheArt Cottage, art encourages imagination and allows students to express their feelings and experiences; it provides an opportunity for expressive creation, to build confidence and accomplishment through skills in drawing and painting and the fun and creativity of craft making.


Starting from "Mommy and Me" style classes  through adult education workshops, The Art Cottage's schedule will accommodate local school sessions and offer special instruction, after school programs and camps.


why art classes?

John Hopkins University School of Education suggests that students which participate in some form of the arts, whether painting, music or acting, perform better in other subjects than students that do not participate.

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The Art Cottage

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