The Art Cottage

imagine and create 

Q: What will I be painting and how much does it cost?

A: Some nights will be traditional art settings, some will  honor the classics while others may take on a whole new theme or expression.  Check our calendar for each featured piece or theme. Each session is $35 per person. 

Q: How many people can you accomodate?

A: Studio capacity is restricted to no more than 22 guests at any event. This is small enough to allow us the freedom to create an intimate setting yet big enough for a real party! 

Though we have access to a large parking lot we recommend that you arrive on time to settle in.

Q: What if I can't draw? Really.

A:  Relax, it's a night out! It's fun art and we will literally show you step-by-step on how to create something you can be proud of! Think of it as "live" paint by numbers!

We will also reserve time for any private party:

      Bridal Parties



                    Girls Night Out



 Call us to discuss your theme artwork and the number of guests *  

* State Law requirement; identifications (21 and older) needed to anyone consuming alcohol. The Art Cottage seating is restricted up to 20 persons.

Q: How do I register?

A: Events have a minimum and a maximum capacity for seating so we recommmend that you reserve your spot a week or two in advance. Simply click Registration or call us at 845-496-CRE8.  You can also email and inform us that you are attending and we will hold your seat. Simply send a check made out to The Art Cottage.

Q: Do you serve food or beverages?

A: We will provide some snacks and provide glasses but we do not serve any beverages; this a Bring Your Own Beverage event. 

Q: Who can come to a Spirit of Art event?

A:  Guests must be at least 16 years old to paint and at least 21 years old to consume alcohol at the studio.* 

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Simply choose a date and register!  Then its just a matter of choosing your favorite beverages, people and snacks then showing up on time and having a great time!


Looking for some "Me" or "Us" time? PAINT & SIP!!!

Check our Calendar and our Facebook for weekly Spirit of Art events.

Frequently Asked Questions      *Attendees must register in advance!

Q: Will I be able to complete an entire a painting in one night? 

A: All events are booked for 2 hours. This will include an introduction to the piece, some prep work, and plenty of breaks to socialize

and have fun. Botton line: you will take your finished piece home that same evening!

Q: What is "Spirit of Art" and why would I want to go?

A:  Spirit of Art is for anyone that wants to unlock their inner creativity in a party setting. Expect a fun  hour paint party with good friends, and  painting with your favorite wine.


Q: What do I have to bring?

A: Bring your favorite beverages, people and snacks. We'll supply everything else: paint, brushes, easels, canvas aprons and glasses. You may want to put some thought into your clothing, after all it's a painting party!

* There must be a minimum of 8 guests to reserve the studio and book an instructor; ages can begin at 5 years old for private parties.